Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stalker Me

I seriously have stalker tendencies.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So this is Dubai

Before the dunes bashing...

Stall Owner: Arabian Souk, WAFI Mall

Dusk in the desert

Atlantis - as seen from inside my vehicle

Oasis in the desert

If I have to find one thing i like about Dubai, it has to be that it has everything that money can buy.

There are more lamborginis, bentleys, porsches and ferraris on the roads of Dubai than anywhere else, methink. Some of the people are so filthy rich, it borders on obscenity. Ok, I am envious.

Dubai has been great. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So Mr BossMan is by far, the coolest, nicest and most intelligent men i've come across.
And he's the sweetest dad in the world. He told me once, he can resist any requests from any women in the world, except his daughter's.
I melt at that.

And in May this year, he has a pair of fraternal twins with his beautiful wife - and the boys are sooooo adorable - they look like mini-mes of the BossMan.

He's such an amazing man. I have to put this on record because I dont want to forget this man. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling my way around

I am so impulsive, it's not good for me. I buy airtickets like i am picking up cottonbuds from the pharmacy. Okay, i exaggerate. But you get the point yes?

But i do it only because it is this job that i'm currently in that gives me the freedom to so. I know that my responsibility is limited. Sure, people will be inconvenienced when i am not around, but they won't die or lose billion dollar deals just because I am not around the office. There are no bottlenecks when I am NOT in, unlike my previous two jobs where i was literally running the shows and managing photography schedules, proofreading timelines, press checks, marketing plans and visitors' collateral. Gosh, that sounds so far away.

So i run as much as i can. I can't stop now.
Only because I know life is transient. Nothing lasts forever. And the brevity of life cannot be underestimated. Every single day is a gamble that you will wake up fine.

So - there is no reason why i should stop what i am doing now.


Kyoto, Japan (March 2008): Silent prayers

Roppongi, Tokyo - Japan: Sharing a cuppa with Cindy

Barcelona, Spain (Dec 2007): @ the Joan Miro's museum

Barcelona, Spain: Park Guell

Figueres, Barcelona - Spain: Salvador Dali's musuem

Siem Reap, Cambodia (Feb 2008): Walk on by

Siem Reap, Cambodia: Lounging by the Raffles Hotel's pool, Angkor Wat with Darsh

I sometimes forget when and where have i been this year - the time and dates seemed to have blurred into one another...So, i thought having an outlet to record these little travels, these moments of pure escapism that i can't seem to get enough of... would be good for me. When my memory fails me, when the excitement of running away no longer gives me the same pleasure - this will be good for me to reflect upon.

So, where have you been to this year?