Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling my way around

I am so impulsive, it's not good for me. I buy airtickets like i am picking up cottonbuds from the pharmacy. Okay, i exaggerate. But you get the point yes?

But i do it only because it is this job that i'm currently in that gives me the freedom to so. I know that my responsibility is limited. Sure, people will be inconvenienced when i am not around, but they won't die or lose billion dollar deals just because I am not around the office. There are no bottlenecks when I am NOT in, unlike my previous two jobs where i was literally running the shows and managing photography schedules, proofreading timelines, press checks, marketing plans and visitors' collateral. Gosh, that sounds so far away.

So i run as much as i can. I can't stop now.
Only because I know life is transient. Nothing lasts forever. And the brevity of life cannot be underestimated. Every single day is a gamble that you will wake up fine.

So - there is no reason why i should stop what i am doing now.

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