Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I wanted to tell you...

So I hope that you will never forget how fragile life is. Whatever you hold dearest to your heart will be torn away, broken before you know it, or see it coming - so don't ever forget how important it is to always tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. 

It's real. This brevity of life. This speed at which this flame diminishes without you knowing about it. 

Cherish this life. Cherish your time with your loved ones. 


Christmas will never be the same...

So yesterday, i woke up to a text msg that chilled me to my bones. One that made my heart sank so low, i couldn't breathe for a while. 

A bad news, that shouldn't have happened. A news that made me tear. Broke my heart. 

I curse the ones who did the act. I curse that their souls will be burnt in hell, eternally. I curse that they will have nightmares of unimaginable fear that they will always be looking back when they are alive. I curse that they will never live in peace for they knew what acts they've done. Even if they confess to their sins to GOd, they will never be cleansed of the blood on their hands, nor forgiven for the pain they've caused to the families who love him dearly. 

And most of all, i pray that the broken hearts will be mended, bit by bit, day by day. No one should ever be made to go through anything like this. No one. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I really meant to tell you...

Today, I finally understood why the need to be alone has pre-occupied my mind.
People tire me out. They anger me. And more often than not, they can be total disappointments. Even family.

When i am by myself, there is no such negative emotions eating into me. 

So, I need to work on making more time for myself. I know that I for one, will not disappoint or tire myself out. 

My silence is not because i don't care anymore. It's precisely because I care too much, i rather not let it affect me anymore because you, no matter how much I try, will never try to make your life better. 

My life is good the way it is. You don't have a part to play.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lunch, anyone?

Palek Paneer, Le Meridian - Latest Recipe

Fish Paella (above) and Spanish Omelette (below), La Bodega@Pavilion KL

Buffet Spread, Le Meridian KL

So i have this crazy idea - that every other weekend, i will fly to Malaysia for lunch or dinner. So that i fulfill this crazy urge to eat everything in the world and because Singapore's getting way to expensive for me to splurge, i should do it elsewhere. Somewhere nearby. And somewhere where my dollar will stretch.

I love eating. And I am possibly quite mad.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Colour me happy ~

So instead of packing my luggage for my KL trip in less than 12 hours, here am i, right in front of my MacBook, writing this entry. 

I want to do so many things in KL. Visit La Bodega@Pavilion. Bring my mum to do her hair @ Saw, Suria KLCC. Have lunch @ Al Nafourah. Do the farmland porridge steamboat. Try Meng Kee roasted meat. Buy lots of shoes. Christmas presents and bric-a-brac...

But before i can get to do the things above, these are the mental notes that i've running through my mind: Read the book Darsh got me. Write something. Speak with Janet to see if she's all right. Connect with Reeta on the courses i should be researching about. Update my iPod playlist. Buy soy milk. 


I think i am on to something bigger and better for 2009. There are so many areas that I can improve on. Let me come up with a list of sorts soon before time passes me by again like it did this year. When will i reach my watershed point? Do i create that moment by myself? 

Am i asking the right questions? Will I be satisfy with the answers IF i've them? 

I should really start packing. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Precious time

Today, i had the luxury of 5 mins of the boss man's time and we chatted briefly. I always ask to see photos of his babies and little girl - because they're so adorable. I always come out of his room feeling very grateful - Because i always learn so much from him just by speaking with him. *Osmosis* i think that's the word.

I hope he will have more time to himself in this coming new year. With his family. And not be bogged down by work. That's my well wishes for him. :) I need to remind him of that!

The one thing i've learnt from my job-hopping stint is that...while work defines who you're in some aspects, and probably one of the few things in life that you can control the most, it shouldn't be the only thing that you fill your life with.

Life is more than just that. It's about your family, friends. Faith. Happiness. Gratitude. Love.
And I am happy to share that i've done what i've preached for the past 24 months. Work didn't take up my life, or i tried to NOT let that happen. I've taken up travelling. And bringing my grandma and mum to Vietnam in 2007. Arranging a family trip up to Malacca just this Sept. And this week, i will be bringing my sillygoose mum to KL.

Life's really great right now. I just hope all will be safe. :)