Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas will never be the same...

So yesterday, i woke up to a text msg that chilled me to my bones. One that made my heart sank so low, i couldn't breathe for a while. 

A bad news, that shouldn't have happened. A news that made me tear. Broke my heart. 

I curse the ones who did the act. I curse that their souls will be burnt in hell, eternally. I curse that they will have nightmares of unimaginable fear that they will always be looking back when they are alive. I curse that they will never live in peace for they knew what acts they've done. Even if they confess to their sins to GOd, they will never be cleansed of the blood on their hands, nor forgiven for the pain they've caused to the families who love him dearly. 

And most of all, i pray that the broken hearts will be mended, bit by bit, day by day. No one should ever be made to go through anything like this. No one. 

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