Friday, December 5, 2008

Colour me happy ~

So instead of packing my luggage for my KL trip in less than 12 hours, here am i, right in front of my MacBook, writing this entry. 

I want to do so many things in KL. Visit La Bodega@Pavilion. Bring my mum to do her hair @ Saw, Suria KLCC. Have lunch @ Al Nafourah. Do the farmland porridge steamboat. Try Meng Kee roasted meat. Buy lots of shoes. Christmas presents and bric-a-brac...

But before i can get to do the things above, these are the mental notes that i've running through my mind: Read the book Darsh got me. Write something. Speak with Janet to see if she's all right. Connect with Reeta on the courses i should be researching about. Update my iPod playlist. Buy soy milk. 


I think i am on to something bigger and better for 2009. There are so many areas that I can improve on. Let me come up with a list of sorts soon before time passes me by again like it did this year. When will i reach my watershed point? Do i create that moment by myself? 

Am i asking the right questions? Will I be satisfy with the answers IF i've them? 

I should really start packing. 

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